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The Global Entertainment Corporation
Created, Built & United by Quality


Established in 2020 at the beginning of a Pandemic, the Ascendent Studios Group has initiated a new wave of entertainment that is focused on allowing the creatives of the industry, the opportunity to develop. By embracing change its new perspective, we have taken a new direction and giving it life.
As a truly diverse Corporation, the Ascendent Studios Group is built to be the place for creators, for creative appreciation and more control in the process. We are driven to create only the highest quality in Television and Motion Picture content. By not compromising our integrity, we have built a reputation in the Entertainment industry as a corporation that is truly United by Quality.
With corporate plans to expand with physical Studios and Production entities around the globe, we have a planned international footprint that is designed to give us major exposure in the Entertainment Industry.
Welcome to our corner of the Entertainment Industry, we are happy that you have decided to experience and be a part of the difference we are making.
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