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Vice Squad
New Orleans 2020.png

The highly anticipated Crime Drama Vice Squad has finalized its locations for the Los Angeles Series and New Orleans is in current talks for its final landing spot.

Vice Squad: Los Angeles will be shot in Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi with the assistance of the Mississippi Film Office and has finalized the team for Direction and Director of Photography.

Vice Squad: New Orleans will be led by the team of Director, Mr. John C. Flinn III (Sons of Anarchy, Magnum P.I.), Director of Photography, David R. Hardberger (Lord of the Rings) and Consulting Producer, William N. Fordes (Law & Order Franchise).

Both Series have a creative writing Team including Douglas Stark, Yamila Abraham, Alexander Elliott, Stephanie Corn, Steve Nunez and K. Cornell Kellum.

The Vice Squad Franchise was created and developed by Mr. K. Cornell Kellum and Ms. Stephanie Corn and spans the Globe with 15 distinctive Series set to air.

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