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As a Studio Group, we are dedicated to the Creation, Development and Production of an entire Slate of diverse Projects. Time is a relative concept as we spend as much of it on every Project that we become involved in. We invite you to sit back and just enjoy the journey.

The Vice Squad Franchise
Main Title (6)
Hunter of Humans H
The Falconer's Game
Chicago Gang Wars
Suspended Reality
InternalStateBanner (1)
Stiletto Diaries
Destruction Realm
City of Savages
Dirty Faith
Unwanted Attention
Cloak of Darkness
G of W
Chocolate City
Pirateers of Atlantis
Clock of Death
Manufacturing Time
Resolution of Faith
Justification For Desire
Get Out
Black Pearl
Adrenaline Junkies
Catcha Case
Victim No Longer
The Passion
Invading Realm
Tainted Shield
Living inside Her Light
Rebuilding Realm
Promise of Retribution
Absolute Faith
Street Justice
The Final Warrior
Coming of Age
Beyond the Northern Lights
Stiletto Angels
From the Depths Inside Her
Stiletto Nights
Council of Vengeance
Darkness of Paradise
Other Side
Everleigh Club
Steps of City Hall
Inside the Coil
Homicide 101
Defender of the Throne